Gemma Hirst Photography


Think for a moment…

What are the things, the tiniest special details about your child, that makes you smile?

Is it that mischievous glance over their shoulder when they are about to do something they know they shouldn't?

Is it that chocolate smile they create from devouring just one chocolate biscuit?
Or do they have a 'just them' grumpy face or funny happy dance?!

Every child is unique. What is it about your child, now, that you would love to capture forever?

The Shoot

The shoot is very much tailored to what you and your family want to create and remember.

I can come to your home or have a picnic with you flying kites in the park! It's entirely up to you.

The Viewing

This is where the real fun begins...

A slide show of the best images is created and brought to your home to view, often quite emotional, they can be watched as many times as you like!

Examples of different ways the images can be produced are brought to the viewing, taking into consideration your tastes, the space, and what you want. I design something that is just for you and will look fantastic!

Family Shoot including 10x8" print of your choice is £50.

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